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Lynda P.Haydon

Multiple Birth Educator

I applaud you on your attempts to educate the 'powers that

be' on the unique needs and challenges of multiples in

school.  I'd like to let you know right up top that Multiple

Births Canada (MBC) has developed a Multiples In School

Support Kit, which may be of interest to you.  We spell out

everything, explaining why, in many cases, multiples need to

be together and why, as well as why the parents, teachers

and school principal need to make the placement decision

together IN EACH YEAR.  It can be purchased off our Web

Site at www.multiplebirthscanada.org  Are you also aware of

www.twinsandmultiples.org - an Australian WS focusing on multiples in school? If there is anything else we can do to

support/assist you, please let us know.


The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. 
(NOMOTC) has long been a proponent of the value of 
recognizing the voice of parents of multiples as part of 
the process of school placement. NOMOTC applauds you 
for your leadership in raising awareness of this topic  -- 
with educators, legislators, and the public at large.  As an 
educator, I certainly agree placement of twins or sets of 
higherorder multiples requires special consideration 
since it will most assuredly impact the multiple bond and 
in many cases  academic performance as well.  There 
are several current research studies on the effect on 
twins when separated into different classrooms in the 
same grade. Many of those studies point to zygosity, age, 
and previous experiences with separation as being 
significant factors to consider.  The early primary grades 
(PreK-2) being a time when many seem to benefit both 
academically and socially from being placed together. 
However, there is no universal answer. Best of luck to 
you as you continue your work to move a school 
placement bill through the NY legislature.
Mary Adcock, 
NOMOTC Advisor and Past President 
Thanks for the email.  I wrote a story on this subject last March 
which you can read at http://www.twinstuff.com/minnesotalaw.htm 
if you're looking for more information.  I believe the state of Illinois is also currently considering passing similar legislation. By the 
way, my twin brother and I attended public schools in New York and had years we were separated and a couple of years we were together. It's a decision I'll be making soon for my twin boys who will be entering kindergarten next year. 
Best of luck with your efforts. 

Craig Sanders
I am totally and wholeheartedly approving of what you’re doing...the forced separation of multiples I begin to research 9 years ago and wrote about it for TWINS Magazine. Please keep me posted as to your progress. If you need a letter from TWINS Magazine to submit as an exhibit, please let me know. 
Susan Alt
Editor in Chief
Twins Magazine