Twins will soon be known as TwinsLaw.Org!

A National Non Profit Organization for Twins Related Rights. 

Not only will we tackle school placement related issues, but any situation in which multiples are placed at a disadvantage due to the condition of their birth
 because of policies which fail to address their 
specific circumstance and needs.

 Some of our future projects will include (but are not limited to), pushing for policy changes mandating that equally gifted multiples be allowed to SHARE a single lottery ticket for admission into gifted programs/schools ( if parents choose), instead of the current policy which mandates each child have their own separate ticket. The present system put multiples who share the same classroom at an extreme disadvantage. We will push for equally talented multiples to be allowed to SHARE a single admission ticket if parents choose, giving them statistically less chance of being accepted, but allowing parents piece of mind knowing that ALL children will be admitted if the ticket is chosen. 
Parents will no longer have to be faced with equally talented multiples
 having to attend SEPARATE schools. 
TwinsLaw will fight for YOUR Parental rights ensuring that 
you have a VOICE and a CHOICE!

But we will need YOUR HELP! 

Please say that YOU would like to be a TwinsLaw.Org SPONSOR and/or ADVERTISER!  
 Help US to HELP YOU and your multiples!
Ensure that TwinsLaw.Org continues it’s important work on behalf of 
ALL Multiple Birth Children nationwide!