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Empowering Parents and Their School Age Multiples!

Are you a parent of twins, triplets or higher order multiples? Do you believe that you should have a voice in the together or separate placement of your children within the classroom? Then JOIN US! 

The Only Thing that should be Mandatory is a Flexible Placement Policy!

As many as 40% of schools enforce  mandatory separation of twins beginning as early as pre-k. All available twins research urges flexibility as many children will do better when placed together. Despite this, many parents find that their requests for together placement are being labelled as misguided by educators who continue to disregard the research at hand. 

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Here you will find the latest in Twin's research, articles and news stories regarding our efforts to ensure twins legislation nationwide. You will also find advice and support should you suddenly find that you have no voice. Help us to end the across the board policies of mandatory separation as we work to ensure that our children's classroom placement is determined according to their individual needs and not upon the condition of their birth because the only thing that should be mandatory is a FLEXIBLE placement policy!!!

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